IAnD’s most popular design stories of 2016 !


As we get ready to welcome new beginnings, Team IAnD collates the most-read stories of the year – coincidentally a selection that brings with it a message – old is timeless; cherished; and the new is welcomed with an open mind!

With each gratified with its appropriate status, let us recap what 2016 paved the way for…

State-of-the-art Museum Textile Gallery to highlight Kutch embroidery

Matrika Design Collaborative has chiselled out Bhuj’s textile gallery with subtle contextual references that bring alive the embroidery traditions and the desert landscape of the region. Read on to know how this museum has given India its due moniker on the design map…

For the love of coffee!

The much loved brew is beautifully transformed into palpable ambience at the hands of The First Ferry, whose newly designed MW Café in Ras Al Khaimah is a theme-inspired, modern-day coffee heaven… You can almost feel the aroma here!

Liebherr 3 Zone Freestanding Wine Cabinet by Häfele

Liebherr’s 3 Zone Freestanding Wine Cabinet offers the ultimate flexibility and luxury, combining storage and multi-temperature control in a single appliance…

The Liebherr cabinets provide Constant temperatures and the right humidity, thus offering the perfect climate for long-term wine storage. Equipped with three temperature zones, which can be set independently to the required temperature between +5°C and +20°C, appliance can simultaneously store red wine, white wine, and champagne all at their optimum serving temperature.

An external digital temperature display, tinted safety glass, handcrafted shelves mounted on telescopic rails, touch-electronic navigation for use and control of functions, innovative, no-heat LED lighting, activated charcoal filter and re-circulating air cooling system are among its highlights.

Schulen Fernandes dons the creative mantle!

Schulen Fernandes, Wendell Rodrick’s protégé and now Creative Director of his label, talks to IAnD about her creative vision for the label…

When world-renowned fashion designer Wendell Rodricks announced his decision to hand over the reins of his label to his young protégé, the whole industry and its patrons were abuzz with surprise and anticipation. Now there is no doubt that Rodricks’ shoes are rather hard to fill, but a brief conversation with Schulen Fernandes is enough to put any apprehensions you may have had to rest. Self-assured, confident and brimming with ideas and energy, she is raring to take the label forward, reinventing it with her signature style, while making sure she keeps her mentor’s rich legacy alive.
IAnD: What are the qualities you admire most about your mentor Wendell Rodricks?
SF: His incredibly ticking creative mind flair for the arts. I’ve never known anyone, who can apply himself to so many things all at once and pack so much work and play in a day. I admire his discipline, humility, his hands-on approach to things and his constant need to learn and be inspired.
IAnD: What are your greatest strengths as a designer and how do you bring them to the fore?
SF: Any designer’s strength should be their belief in their creative style; knowing their clientele and sticking to their sensibilities irrespective of what’s trending. That’s how you stay classic and exclusive. I also believe that clothing should have a wearability value beyond the ramp with an edge of fashion, which could be via pattern techniques, fabrics, embellishments, colours or just the finish.
IAnD: In what ways do you think: a) yours and Wendell Rodricks’ styles are similar? &  
b) they complement each other?
SF: a) Our minimalist approach to fashion and our constant endeavour to collaborate with domestic artisans and champion the eco-sensitive/organic vein of fashion.
b) Through our design innovations as well as our use of fabrics, embellishments and colours etc., we are pretty much on the same page always. That’s where the trust in my taking over the creative aspect of the label factors in.

Fashion Trends to ditch and carry forward from 2016 to 2017

With the New Year just a few days away, there’s no reason why your wardrobe too shouldn’t get an upgrade. IAnD spoke to three leading Indian fashion designers to tell you what needs to be discarded and what is worth holding on to in 2017…

2016 has been an exciting year in the world of fashion with comfort becoming stylish (think atheleisure and normcore), trends from the yesteryear making a comeback (big florals and loose fits) and less being more (minimalist and monochromatic). If you’re wondering which of these trends will hold you in a fashionably good stead in the New Year, designers Manish Arora, Nivedita Saboo and Gaurav Khanijo have just the advice you need.
Ditch: While flora and fauna prints made a huge comeback in 2016, especially in menswear, designer Gaurav Khanijo predicts that these done-to-death prints will make an exit in 2017.
Keep: “Instead, geometric prints, stripes and plaids are slated to be bigger and bolder in 2017,”says Khanijo, whose eponymous bespoke menswear label is known for juxtaposing traditional Indian handlooms and embroidery with modern silhouettes.